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What to expect from different air conditioning systems

There are a few different types of A/C systems that can be beneficial here in Tampa. For the most part, these systems are designed for a specific type of application—whether it’s for a single family home or for an office building.

The most common system is the split system, which can be used in both homes and office buildings, but most commonly is found in homes. As its name implies, the system is split into two parts, one located inside and one located outside. This system operates at a higher efficiency than the other options, which is why it is so common right now.

Package units are found in commercial applications more often than in homes. Unlike a split system, the entire package is contained into one unit. Therefore, the benefit of a package unit is that it takes up less room and can be simply placed on the roof or ground next to a business or home.

Ductless split systems are similar to the split system in that they have both inside and outside components. However, they don’t have any duct work. They can hang on a wall or be installed on the ceiling. They typically blow out enough air for just one room but can sometimes cover two. Ductless split systems are usually used when there is no room for duct work. They are similar to window units but different in that they can be positioned within walls and are more quiet and attractive than window units.

A typically less desirable A/C system is a packaged terminal unit. These are mostly found in hotels and motels. These units stick on the wall and are more similar to window units in that they can be very noisy.

Finally, we have the window unit. This unit remains in the window and is extremely noisy. It also does not have great efficiency.

Certainly the air conditioning industry has many options! I personally like the split system best because it offers such reliable efficiency. However, I also really like packaged units for commercial settings because of how easy they are to service. The ductless split’s efficiency is also appealing; it received some of the SEER highest efficiency ratings. With so many great options available to us, it’s easy to keep Tampa Bay feeling cool!

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