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Are your ducts dirty?

Ducts can get dirty, although how rapidly this happens is highly variable. Do you have pets or do you live in a high-traffic area? Do you have carpeting? A lot of factors contribute to the soot, pollen, dander, and dust content in the air—all of which can clog your ducts over time. Clogged ducts can greatly impact the efficiency of your A/C unit, can heighten your allergies or asthma and can make your home harder to clean!

Do you see excessive dust on furniture or flat surfaces? Are you or others experiencing respiratory issues? Do a quick check: remove a register grill and look into the duct work with a flashlight. If you see dust bunnies that have morphed out of control into man-eating dust bunny monsters, let us know! We can help you. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air can be up to 70 times more polluted than outside air! Let’s get those dirty ducts cleaned up so that you can be cool and confident here in Tampa Bay!

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