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Crazy stories from the A/C Business

Believe it or not, you can see some pretty crazy things when you specialize in air conditioning like we do. While most A/C places here in Tampa are qualified and can install units properly, I have personally seen cases that got me wondering what the installers were thinking. I was just thinking about two unusual stories that I wanted to share with our readers. In both cases, these home owners called me because their recently installed equipment was not working. I arrived to find that their equipment had been installed in ways that literally could not work.

My first story began when a homeowner here in Tampa Bay called me to say that someone had installed a system for them just the day before and it was already not working. I drove right over to check out the situation. The customer led me to where the installers had put the A/C unit, and I was shocked to find that it was installed in a closet! It was literally just set on top of concrete blocks in a small closet behind a closed door. When that door was closed, there was no way for the unit to receive and return air as the airflow was blocked completely. Luckily, I was able to find a better place and install a unit to assist the customer the correct way.

On another similar occasion, I received a call from a customer saying that another company had installed a unit for them a few months ago that had recently stopped working. Again, I jumped in the truck to go assess the problem. In this case, I found that the unit had been installed above the ceiling of the office building it was supposed to be servicing. The unit was upside down and a hole had been drilled into it for draining. It seemed as though the installing company had noticed that there wasn’t enough space for the unit. Rather than find a more appropriate place to put it, they modified the unit to fit, which unfortunately also eliminated our ability to service the unit without taking it back down. Certainly, the problem was obvious, so we corrected the issue.

I’m happy we could help keep both of these customers cool! If you worry about how your unit was installed, or you don’t feel like the unit is able to keep up with your needs, let us know. You might also have something funky going on. We can help you!

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