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Crazy weather records

Feeling a little worn out with all of the heat and humidity in the Tampa Bay area? Baffled as to why it’s in the mid-90’s here while it’s still in the 50’s up north? Maybe this will comfort you a little: we proudly introduce to you the craziest weather records of all time (and none of them happened in Tampa, FL)!
The hottest day ever recorded was on September 13, 1922 in Libya. The temperature reached a soaring 136 degrees! The hottest day ever recording in the U.S. was in Death Valley in CA on July 10, 1913 at a whopping 134 degrees. No wonder it’s called Death Valley…

However, the hottest day the South Pole ever experienced was on December 27, 1978 at only 7 degrees. Makes me a little thankful for the warmth in Florida!

The fastest temperature rise ever recorded was actually in South Dakota where the temperature rose an insane 49 degrees in only two minutes on January 22, 1943. Western Australia once “enjoyed” 160 consecutive days of soaring temperatures above 100 degrees from 1923 to 1924.

And the winner: The planet Venus… reaching an average of 863 degrees daily!

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