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Do you have a furnace?

Before the first true cold snap, take some simple precautions to make sure that your furnace will be working efficiently and safely! If you need assistance, just let us know and we’ll be there!
Take a look at the filter—is it clean or dirty? A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder to deliver less heat because it restricts the airflow. You will have to clean or replace the filter!
Is the blower belt frayed or cracked? Don’t risk a broken belt late on a Sunday night when there’s nothing you can do and temperatures are dropping! Replace your frayed or cracked belts! If your belt is loose, make sure to get it tightened!
Do you have a sealed motor blower? If so, you don’t need to oil the motor but if you do not, then a few drops of oil in the motor will keep it running smoothly.
Are the blower doors sealing properly or do they need to be replaced? It’s important that your blower doors shut tightly to prevent combustion byproducts, especially carbon monoxide, from mixing with the warm air that’s circulating in your home.
Are the vents clear? Clean vents will circulate warm air more efficiently.
Is the exhaust flue to the outside clear of obstructions? The exhaust flue is very important and a blocked flue can mean that carbon monoxide or other byproducts of combustion get pushed back into your home. The flue is also how your furnace breathes, so if it’s blocked, your blower motor will work harder, potentially increasing its risk of a breakdown or a fire if it gets too hot. Check the flue by removing the flue cap by the furnace and then looking through the flue to the outside. When you replace the flue cap, make sure it’s secure.
Is your furnace in a closet or enclosed room? Make sure it gets plenty of air, either through vents or a duct directly to the outside. Also remove all flammable objects from around your furnace—clothes, paint, boxes, yard equipment, gasoline and more. and that
Furnaces deserve our respect and attention—taking a few moments to check the condition of your furnace can protect you, your family, and your home and ensure your warmth and comfort as temperatures continue to drop. Let us know if you need assistance with any of these steps! We’re ready to help!

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