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Duct work can have big effects

A/C units need air ducts to be able to properly distribute cool air and run efficiently. Yet, many people ignore their duct work! They’ll replace their air conditioning system and assume that they will automatically have much better efficiency. While it’s true that units are obviously more efficient when they come right out of the box, you need to consider the entire system when you think about performance and efficiency. That system includes duct work. In fact, an A/C system is composed of installation, piping and ductwork. When these elements all work together, then the system is primed to work at full efficiency.

Duct work is often undersized, which makes it tougher for the unit to do its job, decreases its efficiency and possibly shortens its life. Duct leakage can also occur. Did you know that just a small percentage of duct leakage can greatly affect the efficiency of the system? Because duct work does not usually wear out over time, there’s not a set amount of time you can go by to wait for maintenance. A qualified professional can help you determine when it’s time to clean your ducts.

Optimal efficiency comes from sizing and sealing—the joints and seams have to be tightly sealed and the ducts have to meet the unit’s specs and be large enough to provide adequate air delivery. In summary, keep up with your routine maintenance and stay comfortable in hot and humid Tampa!

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