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Hot summer

Get ready for some hot weather! As summer is in full effect and endless hot, muggy days are upon us, it’s time to get ready for the heat – get an a/c tune up, slather on the sunscreen and drink lots of water!
Did you know that in June, the average high temperature is 89.5 degrees, in July 90.2 degrees and in August 90.2 degrees? From June – August alone, there are an average of 60 days in which the temperature soars above 90 degrees! Though the average temperature stays in the low 80’s, this combines the low (usually in the evening) with the high (usually mid-afternoon). When are you most active? During the high temperature of the day! Don’t forget to call for an a/c refresher service to make sure you’re a/c is running at its best all summer long so you can survive those 90+ degree days!

The average humidity for June – August is 73.5%, and with an average of only 4 perfectly clear days each month, you can expect to see a lot of rain! Tampa Bay is famous for its afternoon showers and isn’t known as the lightning capital of the world for nothing! It rains an average of 15 days each month from June – August.

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