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The Importance of Air Filters!

With everything available to do in Tampa, purchasing air filters may not seem like the first thing you want to spend your money on. However, there have been many times when I have seen the importance of air filters firsthand. It’s very common for coils to clog up when there are no air filters. This is an expensive problem to fix and it causes a system to lose efficiency and capacity or even to quit working altogether!

There are different types of air filters you can choose from to prevent this problem, but you don’t necessarily need to go with the more expensive ones. Sometimes the standard ones is the best option! While the more expensive filters can be very good at filtering air, they can also be restrictive to air flow because they are so dense. This will then hinder the performance of your system. A lot of the washable filters can help with high efficiency but can also be restrictive especially if the filter size is small or border line. You’ll tend to want a larger filter when choosing a washable one. Also, once they start getting dirty, they can be very difficult to clean. Whichever filter you choose, just make sure you utilize air filters before you have to spend a lot more money to fix your system!

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