Planned Maintenance Agreement


  • Write smaller checks to the utility company
  • No overtime charges
  • Two year warranty on repairs (except leak repairs)
  • Priority service status
  • Automatic notification of service visits
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • 10% discount on Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Peace of Mind
  • Extended equipment life
  • Automatic renewal
  • Maximum equipment efficiency
  • Written condition report
  • Agreement is transferable

Why it’s important to have routine planned maintenance

Your HVAC system requires routine monitoring, adjustments, periodic cleaning, and eventual replacement of components. Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance are often required to maintain the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty. Conducting regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and remediation of HVAC systems prolongs equipment efficiency, promotes healthy clean air, supports lower utility costs, guards against unexpected failures, and prolongs equipment life. A maintenance inspection seeks to identify deficiencies that degrade or impair the HVAC system, including its components and we are able to recommend actions to correct these deficiencies. Not all HVAC companies take the same approach for inspecting and maintaining HVAC systems. There are many types and intensity levels of “seasonal tune-ups”, “clean and checks”, and “maintenance visits”. At Independent Air Conditioning, we strive to provide you with the highest quality professional maintenance service available. Our technicians are fully acquainted with the proper operation of the systems they are working on, including their components. The following are the responsibilities and elements for a proper planned maintenance routine:
  • Clean and or replace air filters
  • Check auxillary heat
  • Clean condensation drain / pump
  • Check defrost control
  • Remove leaves / debris from outdoor unit
  • Clean indoor coil and drain pan.
  • Remove and clean blower assembly as needed
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Measure motor amperage
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge
  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Check safety controls
  • Measure for proper airflow
  • Check thermostat
  • Measure operating temperatures
  • Inspect ductwork
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Apply protective coating to outdoor unit
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge

Customers Are Saying...

Frances Brush
Frances Brush
13:13 18 Jul 19
Everyone is very professional and friendly. I never felt like I was being pushed to spend more money. They do a great job. I love their preventative maintenance program.
Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell
12:25 09 Jul 19
We have been using Independent Air for eight years now, ever since they installed a brand new Brant unit for us. We are very happy with both the unit and their service. That’s why we have stayed with them.
Barbara Vetromile
Barbara Vetromile
12:53 25 Jun 19
Fantastic service!! Always there when I needed help with this "vintage" air conditioner!! 2017 and 2019 Friendly, professional, knowledgeable!!! Highly recommend this wonderful company.
Delores Toney
Delores Toney
20:45 21 Jun 19
We have dealt with Independent Air for many years and have always been very well satisfied with their work. Our service each year has been with well qualified service men who are ready to answer any questions we might have. Thank you gentlemen for great and reasonable service. It has been another year and the service has remained the same, excellent. We have always been completely satisfied with the work that was done and will always call them for any service we more
Steve Walker
Steve Walker
02:17 05 Jun 19
Prompt service and very knowledgeable techs. Well trained (thanks Joe), and very capable techs (thanks Khori and Ernesto). Will always recommend.
Mollie Bernstein
Mollie Bernstein
11:11 31 May 19
This Company is Fantastic. Cory the Tech explained to me what I did to clear the drain in Valencia Lakes was great and that I Must put water in the drain line after vacuuming the line, otherwise I had an air lock which would back up the water. I like their honesty and it is a learning experience for me. Also they have installed my HVAC about 4 years ago and it performs flawlessly. If your looking for your AC needs, this Company is it, bar more
Nancy Layer
Nancy Layer
21:29 30 May 19
Great company. They came out on Memorial Day night at 10:00! We had just gotten home from time with the family to an 85 degree house. I called Joe and he had someone there in half an hour. Love this company. Ernesto and Korey are great!!!
cheryl gonzalez
cheryl gonzalez
12:11 26 Apr 19
I have been a customer of Independent Air for 28 years. They have always been the BEST company to work with. They are kind, honest, and extremely knowledgable. I would never use anyone else.
Charles Wing
Charles Wing
13:50 06 Apr 19
Amazing service. Technician called ahead to say he was running early, so could he come? Once here he was polite, thorough and responsive to my every question. I now feel I'm in good hands
Linda Wolff
Linda Wolff
13:56 01 Apr 19
They were very professional and explained all of their work thoroughly!! Extra time was needed but everything was completed!! I was extremely satisfied with their services!! I intend on having them be my air conditioning company!
Nisha Patel
Nisha Patel
19:21 23 Mar 19
Amazing company! I have been with them ever since I relocated into my current residence and I have not been disappointed. Everyone from Joe to Marlena to Shakori have been absolutely incredible. They are reasonably priced and I have yet to see customer service like theirs. The techs are knowledgeable, punctual and thorough. I would recommend this team without more
Bobbi Ann DePierro
Bobbi Ann DePierro
13:58 15 Mar 19
They were professional, right on time I didn't have to wait around half my day and they were extremely thorough. Marlena was such a delight to speak with and set up my appointment and I would highly recommend them and I will continue to use them as well.
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