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5 ways to protect

When you go out to the beach, go for a jog or even watch your child’s baseball game this summer, you’ll be roasting in 95 degree weather with 75% humidity. Heat stroke is a distinct possibility for children, adults and pets this summer. These cool down tips will help you and your loved ones make it through the heat this year.

1.) Protect your head: Everyone knows to protect their head in the cold with ear muffs, wool hats and scarves but do you know how important it is to protect your head during the blazing hot days of the summer? By wearing a hat such as a baseball hat or even a cowboy hat, you will not only prevent your face, scalp and ears from getting burned but you will also be cooling your brain. This will help prevent you from getting dizzy or tired when outside.
2.) Drink lots of water: When it’s hot out, your body sweats more often, increasing body water loss. To balance this out and also cool your system, be sure to drink lots of water. This also prevents dehydration, which is common with heat stroke.
3.) Wear sunscreen: Of course you don’t want skin cancer, but you can also help yourself stay cooler by wearing sunscreen. Have you ever noticed how feverish you felt after getting a very bad sunburn? By avoiding sunburns with adequate sunscreen, you can avoid feeling hot and feverish.
4.) Avoid too much sun: If you’re doing outdoor activities, take frequent breaks to give yourself a rest from sun exposure. If you’re at the beach, sit under the blanket or go for a swim in the cool water. If you’re playing Frisbee golf at the park, rest under a shady tree and drink some water. Prolonged, direct sun exposure increases your chances of heat stroke and dehydration.
5.) Use your a/c to your advantage: When you’ve been out in the sun all day, your body needs a chance to cool down. You don’t want to go jogging along Bayshore Blvd. in full sun at 95 degrees with 75% humidity for 2 hours, then come home to a hot house. Your body needs the cooler temperatures provided by a/c to cool down and return to its normal body temperatures. If you haven’t had your a/c system refreshed in a while, called Independent Air today for regular maintenance to make sure your home is cool all summer long!

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